MESA Communications Gateway

Mobile Environment Security Architecture (MESA) Communications Gateway (MCG)

Apriva’s MESA Communications Gateway (MCG) is a CSfC-compliant infrastructure designed to meet the stringent requirements set by the NSA for CSfC solutions. The MCG provides the necessary networking, security and monitoring features to allow connected devices to gain access to classified (to the Top-Secret level) network resources and services.

The MCG is comprised of the MESA VPN, MESA Command & Control Suite, and a variety of required network appliances that all come together in concert to provide a secure device landing zone, but can be customized to meet individual customer requirements. Leveraging the flexibility and technical features of the MESA VPN, the MCG can provide connectivity to a wide variety of end points including mobile cell phones, tablets, laptops or other VPNs regardless of the type of transport be that cellular, internet, Wi-Fi or even satellite.

Highly Resilient + Reliable

Large government or commercial organizations can take a holistic approach to securing their workforce communications, enabling local and global traffic management for up to eight interconnected, geo-dispersed gateways to provide an always-on solution for sensitive and classified information. Each VPN gateway can support up to 120,000 active subscribers, with a system of eight connecting up to one million users. 

As per NSA guidelines, the MESA MCG is broken down into three requisite security zones, each having their own function, administration and security. These gateways can provide failover and backup services for each other working in active-active configuration to ensure the highest levels of resilience and reliability. Through these approaches Apriva has an impressive 99.999% uptime within its deployed solutions.

Designed for Tactical Use

Apriva’s Tactical VPN Gateway provides the security and Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC)-compliance of Apriva’s Enterprise VPN Gateway into a small, tactical form via highly virtualized, ruggedized hardware for tactical command points and other warfighter applications.

Experience You Can Trust

Apriva ISS is a long-time National Security Agency (NSA) Commercial Solutions for Classified Program (CSfC) Trusted Integrator. This means that our products and services are constantly vetted by the NSA to ensure that we offer the highest level of compliance and security when it comes to designing, developing, deploying, integrating, operating, sustaining, and maintaining everything we do.

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