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Since 1999, Apriva Information Security Solutions (ISS) has been providing high quality products and services to a variety of corporate and government customers who demand highly reliable, highly secure communication solutions. With over 20 years of expertise in secure product and solution engineering, Apriva’s goods and services have been called upon time and again by the United States Department of Defense, Department of Energy and a variety of Intelligence Community (IC) customers. As well as 5-Eye international partners.  In fact, Aprva solutions have been providing US Government and National Leadership the ability to communicate securely over a variety of commercial networks and devices to the Top-Secret level.

Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, Apriva is a privately held small business with an impressive and growing list of customers who each sought Apriva’s expertise and products to implement secure communication solutions. As a National Security Agency (NSA) Trusted Integrator, Apriva is especially skilled at implementing secure communication solutions that meet the stringent requirements of the NSA’s Commercial Solutions for Classified program. In fact, Apriva helped shape the NSA program and was instrumental in developing some of the guidance still in use today.

In addition to our Trusted Integrator Status, Apriva, ISS is ISO 9001 certified and is a supporting member of the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association. Finally, Apriva ISS’ MESA VPN product has been vetted and evaluated by the National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) allowing its inclusion on the NSA’s CSfC Components list as an authorized VPN gateway enabling it to be part of CSfC solutions deployed for the protection of National Security Information.


Since 1999 Apriva ISS has served some of the most discerning customers with goods and services focused on the design development and implementation on both large-scale and small systems that provide the ability for solution users to communicate securely (up to Top Secret) over commercial wireless networks and enable access to network resources normally reserved for those who operate behind security perimeters on classified government networks. A few examples of our past performance follow.


In 2001 the National Security Agency enlisted the support of Apriva ISS to design, develop and implement for the DoD, a secure communication gateway that allowed users of the device to gain access to classified DoD networks over commercial wireless networks, which until then was strictly against all DoD and federal policy. In support of the SME PED program, Apriva developed the Multi-Carrier Entry Point (MCEP), a secure communications gateway which would eventually be deployed under the auspices of the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) and supported by Apriva for the next 6 years.


In 2006 Apriva developed the nation’s first Suite-B voice and data application for a commercial smartphone for specific use by DoD, IC and Homeland Security personnel. This application bridged legacy Type-1 security protocols with newer Suite B protocols and allowed for the user to transition automatically between the two as needs dictated. Due to a shift from Type-1 to CSfC policy, PCSA was never adopted.


In 2012, because of change in policy which established the CSfC program, DISA enlisted the support of Apriva ISS to design, develop, integrate, deploy and support DISA’s CSfC solution. Apriva was awarded this contract on a sole-source basis and would continue to act in this capacity until 2019.


In 2016, DISA reorganized their operations and subsequently decided to separate secure mobile engineering from the secure mobile operation activities. In partnership with Leidos, Inc. Apriva continued to support the secure mobile solutions described above. This support continues in kind today under the GSM-O II contract.


In 2018 Apriva’s support was secured to provide the Los Alamos National Lab the ability to enhance operations by connecting non-traditional computing devices to classified networks via CSfC tenets. Apriva completed this effort and is awaiting follow-on work.


In 2019 Apriva ISS in partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton won the MES-C contract as a follow-on effort to the effort described in section b. above. This contract continues to this day and provides DISA with the day-to-day engineering support for the above discussed systems.

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